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Please note: candidates living outside of the EU will not be considered. 

Your opportunity

As our new VPS backend developer you will develop and maintain the largest VPS platform in the Netherlands. Together with our young team of developers & support engineers we believe that building a great experience for our customers will enable us to further grow in Europe.

Making the life of our customers easier enables them to achieve greatness. By making our products easy to use and automating as much as possible we help our customers to become self-sufficient (who likes to depend on customer care right?).

Are you a candidate that is able to work as much with the command line as is comfortable with coding in PHP? We will require you to dive into severely technical issues on your own, beginning with a bit of guidance of course ;).

This means that you will have to be able to grasp the full complexity of a self-built and self-managed KVM virtualization platform. We expect you to be able to write rock SOLID object oriented PHP code, without being afraid of writing a bit of golang every once in a while. We apply the use of microservices when it comes to our code system architecture, a bit of knowledge on this field is required.

We continuously search for new tools and new techniques to apply, nothing is set in stone and certain, this means that you will be required to grasp new platforms / techniques quickly and be able to put this new knowledge to practice. You will work on several wide spreading issues sprint by sprint as we apply SCRUM to our development process.

When it comes to state storage we use different techniques, depending on the use case we choose the best tool. This could either be mysql, etcd, ZFS, CEPH, influxdb, redis, memcache.

What your day will look like

Whether your day starts at the office in Leiden or from your home on planet earth you’ll probably start with some coffee and tea. At 09:45 the team gathers for the daily stand-up in which we discuss the plans of today.

As a developer at team VPS you’ll be in one of our three developer teams (continuity, innovation or integration). Team continuity is responsible for the day to day status of the platform. Customer issues will be quickly fixed by you and in the meantime you will be able to make some small improvements to the platform.

In team innovation your main focus is to build cool new features for our customers. After the launch our shiny new high-performance platform you’ll move to the next. Why not build a Kubernetes platform, or an object store, or………

Our new team integration will allow other brands to sell our awesome VPS products. Day by day we aim to improve this process. For example by allowing other brands to import their own IP-ranges and making features available in our whitelabel control panel.

The contents of your day will greatly depend in which team you are working. Your start will most likely be in team continuity to quickly get to know the platform. Since we like to switch teams every 3 months it could be well possible that you’ll be working on our newest innovation or integration after that.

What you have

  • KVM, QEMU, Libvirt virtualization experience
  • Storage technologies: MySQL, ZFS, CEPH, NFS, Influxdb, Redis, Memcache
  • Golang
  • Elite hacker CLI Skills
  • To have a basic understanding of a Rest API
  • Experience with containerization
  • Experience with CI/CD tools
  • ~3+ years of proven hands-on experience in developing back-end systems.
  • Ability to work coder duty shifts (be responsible for your own code).

A note on remote

Covid has changed how we work, in many ways for the better! While we can’t wait for offices to re-open, being at the office isn't always needed to get the best out of your day. This shift to a new way of working is new for all of us, but we are getting there. Taking advantage of the best of both worlds means communicating more, collaborating more online and reimagining teamwork for the digital age.

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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Our brands Netherlands is made up of 10 brands: 

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